Membership in CATAIR is open to people involved in all aspects of traffic transportation safety. This policy allows members to network with other professionals in agencies outside their own, and to develop interrelationships with adjacent professions in order to increase traffic and transportation safety. Presently, CATAIR membership is comprised of active and retired police officers, professional engineers, automotive engineers, Doctors, Fleet Safety personnel, and private consultants throughout Canada, the United States, Asia, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

CATAIR offers two types of membership. The REGULAR MEMBER is a member who has successfully completed courses in Traffic Accident Analysis (Level III) or Reconstruction (Level IV), or has expertise that would qualify the applicant to be accepted as an expert in civil or criminal litigation. The ASSOCIATE MEMBER is a member, such as fleet safety personnel, on-scene investigators, medical doctors, traffic safety instructors, or lawyers who have a professional interest in traffic accidents or traffic safety.

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